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Empowerment Park

Work on emPOWERment Park continues, community assistance is needed in raising funds to be able to complete the project as shown.  Please consider becoming an emPOWERment Park Partner.


Construction on emPOWERment Park has begun.  An additional $500,000.00 in funding is needed to build the park as designed.  Construction costs have increased since COVID began, increasing the overall cost of this project by almost $1.5 million dollars above the original cost projections.  With the assistance of Sacramento County, Mission Oaks Recreation and Park District, the Community Block Development Grant and individual contributors, the Parks Foundation has been able to raise $1 million dollars of this amount. Further assistance and contributions are needed to build out the park as designed, and to provide the shade needed.  Every one is able to assist, no amount is too small.  Please consider making a donation on the Go Fund Me Page for emPOWERment Park.

Design Board shots of emPOWERment Park

Multi-colored drawings of what the park will look like when finished.
Artist's design pictures of park.
Artist's design pictures of park.
Custom designed sensory integration wall, part of the original plan.
Reduced Budget sensory panels, if fund raising is not successful.
Park project site plan and locator of amenities within the site.

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